Live the Outdoor Life with Gary Lewis's Adventure Journal

On Gary Lewis's Adventure Journal, we tell stories that relate to the outdoor life. Families, towns, wildlife, and wild places are all showcased on our television slot—in the context of fishing and hunting. We offer 13 action-packed episodes a season, and we have a ton of fun making each of them. The Adventure Journal is offered on air up to six times a week, as well as on Video on Demand.

Here is an example of what we frequently have on our show:

  • Celebrity guests
  • Experts in the hunting and fishing fields
  • Shotguns, rifles and four wheel drive
  • Hunting dogs—pointers, retrievers and the ones that just get underfoot
  • Young and old
  • Outdoor lore and haunted hunting houses
  • Open air cooking 

Tune in to Gary Lewis's Adventure Journal and experience the outdoor life with our hunting and fishing stories in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. If you'd like to participate in the show, or have an interesting story to offer, fill out the form on the Contact Us page, and we'll get back to you.

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