Hunting In Oregon With Gary Lewis

Hunting in Oregon is a more diverse experience than anywhere else in the country. One of the great things about Oregon hunting is the incredible variety of species available for the taking; a hunter can choose to pursue mule deer, blacktail deer, Columbian whitetail, northeast whitetail, Rocky Mountain and Roosevelt elk as well as goats, sheep and predators. The abundance of diverse habitat allows for everything from sage rats to black bear hunting in Oregon!

I've been fishing and hunting in Oregon since I was a teenager and I've gotten to know the country, habitat and hotspots. The result was an Oregon hunting guide—my book, Hunting Oregon

The first Hunting Oregon was brought to you by Sun Publishing in 1999. As every Oregon hunter knows, animal habits and habitat change. That's why we published the second edition—Gary Lewis's Hunting Oregon. This update, finished in 2010, is completely new, with chapters written by Scott Haugen and Duane Dungannon. In full color, this Oregon hunting guide is what every hunter needs to have before they head out into the field.

There are other ways to prepare for your time in the Oregon outdoors, and I've listed a few helpful resources below, to go along with Hunting Oregon.

Oregon Hunting Outfitters and Guides

Nowhere else in the United States will you find the talented outfitters, guides and enthusiasts that you will find in Oregon. Oregon hunting guides are as excited as you are about the hunt the animals you pursue, because of the passion they have for hunting in Oregon. On my Links page, I provide a list of some of my favorite outfitters and hunting guides in Oregon and around the world.

Planning Ahead for Oregon Hunting

But don't let anyone fool you—hunting Oregon is just as hard as hunting anywhere; you still need to plan ahead. There are several different ways to prepare for your Oregon hunt. The Oregon Hunter magazine put out by the OHA is a great resource to help hunters find new Oregon hunting land

Another tool that every Oregon hunter should utilize is the Oregon Tag Guide for Controlled Hunt Drawing Odds. This book is put out by Percentage Tags, and lists the likely chances for drawing a tag for each particular Oregon hunt under the preference point system.

However, the booklet that is essential for hunting in Oregon is the Oregon Big Game Regulations guide put out by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. It can be found at most Oregon sportsman's stores, or viewed online.

If you're planning a hunt in my home state, these Oregon hunting resources are going to be great tools for making your hunt a success. However, only one thing is going to be your hunt over the top, and that's talking to people. 

Ask hunters you know for the names of others that have hunted your Oregon hunting unit; contact ODFW biologists; stop by the ODFW office and ask for tips on your unit—talk to real people! You can even send me an email

and see what I have to say about the unit you will be hunting. No one knows the area better than the locals, so make sure you get a chance to chat with them before you head out. 

You can start off getting ready for your hunt by checking out my Oregon hunting articles. Don't hesitate to check them out and see if they can help you with your upcoming Oregon hunt. Start researching for the Oregon hunting season today, and I'll see you on the trail!

Good Hunting,

Gary Lewis

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