Mountain Lion Hunting in Oregon

Mountain lion hunting in Oregon may not always be a successful endeavor, but it’s always an adventure. Cougars in Oregon are just as clever as cougars anywhere else, so if you're planning a mountain lion hunting trip, it's good to read up on tips and suggestions beforehand. You can find information on Oregon cougar hunting right here!

  • The Early Bird Gets the Cat

    Before there is new life, there must be death. In February, the deer and elk cast off their old crowns. Even as yesterday’s antlers fall away, new growth begins at the pedicle. It was a Sunday afternoon and the weather forecast called for wind on the high desert. Brian Davis of Redmond calculated he had a few hours to look for antlers on public land between Bend and Sisters. He parked his car a little way off the road and felt the wind in his face as he walked up through the junipers and pines.

  • On the Trail of Tag-Team Lions

    When two inches of November snow fell on the high desert, Rich Brogdon of Action Outfitters (541-536-5893) in La Pine called his client Mark Broadman from Port Orchard, Washington. Mark made the seven-hour drive to central Oregon that evening. In the morning, the hunters headed into the sagebrush and junipers of the Paulina Unit. They made their first calling setup in an area where Rich had found evidence that lions were killing deer.

  • Mason Payer’s ‘Just in Case’ Cougar

    An hour of light left. If anything is going to happen here it will happen soon. No sooner had that thought crossed my mind when I felt a wave of excitement and a strange feeling of heightened awareness. The fatigue from the hike and the boredom of sitting quiet were washed away, replaced by an alert, calm, energy. Moments later, a cougar stepped out into the meadow.

  • Calling a Cougar in the Snow

    The first week he found one dead deer. The second week he found another deer. And cougar tracks in the snow. Kelly had hunted the lion for three weeks before he got his break. "I'd told my friend to call me when he found a fresh kill," Kelly said. The call came on a Friday.

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