Hunting in Washington

At the tip of the Pacific Northwest, Washington has hunting experiences of many kinds. Hunting in Washington changes from area to area, but it's always an event to remember. Before you begin your first Washington hunt, be sure to read up on your possibilities - and Gary Lewis's hunting Washington articles are a great place to start!

  • The Good Old Days of Quail Hunting

    Hunting upland birds on the Yakama Reservation in Eastern Washington.

  • Feel Free to Hunt: Yakama Reservation Ducks and Geese

    As the sun backlit the eastern horizon, we slipped into the blind and listened for the beat of wings. All around us we could hear quail calling and now and then, the cluck of a rooster pheasant.

  • Black Bear on the Pacific Coast - Washington

    Black bears occupy all the forest habitats of western Washington, the Cascade Mountains, the Okanogan, the Selkirk and Blue Mountain ranges. For management purposes, biologists divide the state into nine black bear management units (BBMUs). Based on computer modeling and reconstruction studies, the statewide population is thought to number between 25,000 and 30,000 animals.

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