California Hunting

California isn't all about beaches and Hollywood—there are some great hunting opportunities in the state, as well! Hunting in California can be for bears, deer, hogs or more! If you're thinking about going hunting in California, than there's no time like the present to learn more about it!

Gary offers articles below on California deer hunting, hog hunting and bear hunting below!

  • Pig Central: On the Hunt for Feral Swine in Old California

    You don't have to hunt for very long before people start telling you about great hunting places. These are what are known as wild goose chases. It is easy to fall for them, but you never know until you go. My friend Tim Rose called this one Pig Central and it was central all right - Central California.

  • Black Bear on the Pacific Coast - California

    According to Senior Wildlife Biologist, Doug Updike, California's black bear population has increased over the past 25 years. “In the last 30-plus years, we’ve seen a three-fold increase,” Updike said. Recent estimates put California’s bear population at about 30,000 animals spread over 52,000 square miles of habitat. Today, the state ranks among the top black bear destinations in the country.

  • California Hound Hunt Offers a Trip Back in Time

    We topped out on a narrow road that shadowed a knife-edge ridge. Snow capped the High Sierras’ granite peaks and lay like a blanket in the mountain valleys of the Tahoe National Forest. Outfitter Andrew Gregory pulled his rig to a stop. James Drummond and ‘Utah’ Corey Kinross drew up behind and opened their boxes to let the dogs out for a run.

  • Open for Oinkers – Hunting Hogs South of the Border

    We were climbing a steep gravel ranch road in Charlie’s Toyota when we saw it, as big as a full-grown bear and on a dead run. Charlie hit the brakes and switched off the engine. There was no time to load the rifle. The shaggy, gray boar had disappeared into the chemise brush, 200 yards away.

  • Briefly Noted: Redding, California

    Most hunters think of Oregon or Washington when they think of blacktail deer, but from the ocean beaches inland to I-5 and beyond, California is home to large numbers of Odocoileus hemionus columbianus and mule deer/blacktail hybrids. California is divided into five main deer management zones. The pure coastal deer is found in the A-Zone complex, west of Highway 101 from Ventura County up to Mendocino County and into the B-Zone hunts through the middle of Trinity County.

  • Tahoe National Forest, California

    Fall colors are striking in the Tahoe National Forest in California’s High Sierras. Granite peaks are capped with snow, the vine maple turns red, purple, and orange. Oaks shine yellow and apples glow in the morning sun. Even the black bears come in colors. A chocolate pelt is most common, but cinnamons, blondes and even brindles are available. The most uncommon black bear pelt in these parts is black.

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