Hunting Trips in Canada

Canada hunting encompasses a large variety of animals—from spruce grouse to moose, and everything in between. In Gary's trips to Canada, it's always been a beautiful and thrilling experience. If you're planning a trip to go spruce grouse hunting in Canada, or planning to bag a moose up there, be sure to read Gary's articles on the subjects first!

  • John Nosler – Going Ballistic

    1946. BRITISH COLUMBIA. The moose stood broadside, his polished antlers gleaming, body black with caked mud. John raised the rifle, found the bull in his sights, thumbed the safety to “fire” and squeezed the trigger. At the shot, the bull shook his head. John sighted on the shoulder and fired again.

  • Spruce Grouse in the Itcha Mountains

    West of Quesnel, between the Fraser River and the Pacific, the foothills of the Itcha Range rise gently from the arid steppe. Heaped like slag on the horizon, the Nechakos stand black and white in the distance. Nearer, the forest resolves into greens and yellows: spruce and jack pine, willows and summer’s grass.

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