Hunting in Hawaii

Hawaii holds a grand variety of animals—from upland birds to wild boar, the countryside is filled with great populations of goats, deer, wild cattle, sheep, turkeys and more. Whether you're planning to go pig hunting on Maui, or deer hunting Lanai, you will find Hawaii hunting stories here and ideas on how you can plan your own hunt in Hawaii. Gary has been to the Big Island, Maui, Molokai and Lanai, and is always in the process of planning a trip back, so his stories of hunting Hawaii will help you get excited about your trip!

  • Big Game on the Big Island, Maui, Lanai and Molokai

    Most people think of Polynesian boar when they think of hunting in our 50th state, but there are a lot of big game opportunities. Biggest are the Vancouver bulls, the wild cattle of Hawaii, gone feral for countless generations since their introduction. Then there are black Hawaiian rams, feral cross sheep and Spanish goats by the thousands, axis deer and even some wild, free-range mouflon.

  • Bucking the Wind for a Big Island Billy

    South Point, Hawaii, is the southernmost tip of the United States and one of the windiest places in the world. Black lava and green meadows run down to the sea. Spanish goats live on steep cliffs and feed in rolling grasslands. 700 yards away, black and brown goats dotted the green hills. With our binoculars, we categorized and classified. Nannies and kids. Young males. And there, an old billy with long spiraled horns.

  • Kona, Hawaii - Spanish Goats, Hawaiian Ibex, Mouflon/feral sheep, Polynesian Boar

    Mention hunting in Hawaii and most people think of wild boar, whose ancestors came to the island with the Polynesians 2000 years ago. There are also Spanish goats, Hawaiian ibex, axis deer, blacktail deer, wild cattle, mouflon sheep, Rio Grande turkeys and 14 varieties of upland birds. Mouflon, Corsican and the black Hawaiian feral sheep make their living in the mamane trees in the highlands, where the weather brings more moisture to the grass. Nocturnal feeders, the Polynesian boar are found in the brushy draws by day and out in the open pastures by night. With a little cloud cover, they move out earlier in the evening to graze like cattle on the clover.

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