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While Gary Lewis does a lot of Oregon fishing around his home state, he's also traveled the world looking for those perfect spots to cast a line. From Alaska's Grayling fishing to Chile's Trout, Gary has experience just about everywhere. In his time spent on the water, Gary has had the chance to write about his Oregon fishing and worldwide fishing adventures, and compile most of them in one place. That place is right here.

All the fishing articles and fishing stories you need are right here on the Gary Lewis Outdoors website. For Oregon fishing instruction and entertainment, all you need to do is scroll through Gary's vast amount of fishing research and knowledge to find what you need.

Are you ready for your next fishing adventure? Start looking through the options below to find the fishing articles that are right for you, and you'll be on your way to a successful fishing trip!

  • Grayling

    Gary's stories on Arctic Grayling fishing.

  • Mackinaw and Kokanee

    Lake trout, as caught by Gary Lewis.

  • Salmon

    Rogue River Salmon have nothing on Gary A. Lewis.

  • Steelhead

    Going steelhead fishing? Gary's articles can help you accomplish your goal!

  • Sturgeon and Shad

    Sturgeon fishing, shad fishing and all the tips and techniques you'll need for your next fishing trip!

  • Trout

    Read all about Gary's trout fishing trips here!

  • Smallmouth Bass

    Gary writes about fishing for smallmouth bass.

  • Instructional

    How to build a lake, how to anchor your boat, and all about the Orvis fly-casting course in Bend!

  • Alaska Fishing

    Gary Lewis writes on fishing in Alaska

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