Instructional Fishing Articles

Instructional aspects of fishing can cover a lot of ground, so to keep the layout of the hunting and fishing articles simple, we separated each of the blocks into different types of fish. If you're looking for instructional articles on a specific type of fish, you might want to head over to the main fishing articles page, and choose from those listed there. Otherwise, you can browse the fishing articles below!

  • A Multi-Species Perspective in Cook Inlet

    Advice for anglers headed to Homer and beyond into the Deep Blue.

  • Worth the Climb

    Get away from everything except fun and adventure by fishing walk-in high mountain lakes.

  • A Little Stream-side Etiquette is Needed on Local Waters

    The sign read “Please wait to be seated.” And so we waited. Soon the maitre’d arrived and showed us to our seats. There were two of us at the table and two empty chairs. As we perused our menus, a waiter arrived to clear the extra place settings. A steady flow of dishes drifted by to other tables. We made selections from our menus and my wife and I settled in to enjoy each other’s company. As the night wore on, tables emptied and the host brought new guests in to sit. Not once during this time did I see someone try to force their way into a table taken by someone else. Not once did I see an eager patron leap in front of a waiter to take a dinner that he didn’t order.

  • Kids Can Tackle Fly Fishing with a Little Help

    Fly fishing, for most of us, was something we watched others do first or read about in books. For some, it was the next level in a progression of becoming proficient in the disciplines of fishing. For others, it was a way to fish waters closed to other methods. For most of us it was a progression along a path. Maybe this is why when we teach our children to fish that we feel we must make them climb the same ladder to fishing proficiency that we are climbing.

  • Build Your Own Trout Lake

    Some people, when they have enough resources, move to fishing water. They build a cabin on their favorite lake or buy riverfront property. Many leave the landscaping in its natural state and use the time they would have spent mowing the lawn out in a rowboat or float tube. And they smile. But there’s another way. You can build a trout lake on your own property. Roger and Cindy Grossmann know what it takes to build a trout fishery on dry land. “You have to have a healthy budget, a lot of time and a lot of imagination,” Cindy said.

  • Bend Oregon Fly Fishing Course

    Now, from Orvis, comes a golf-style fly-casting course designed to make fishermen better casters and improve their skills on the water. Orvis, the fly-fishing and wing-shooting retail chain from Vermont has a new store in Bend, Oregon and a first-of-its-kind ‘18 hole’ casting course designed for beginners and experts, complete with challenges, scorecards and par – for level one, level two and level three classifications.

  • How to Hook Up in Serious Water

    The Columbia, the Klamath, the Sacramento and other big rivers are deep, ponderous and powerful and the quest for monster fish can draw us to some of the most dangerous water. To present baits to them, you have to drop anchor. Do it right, and the hook sticks and you slide into position.

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