Rethinking Hunter Safety

By Gary Lewis

At the heart of the Hunter Safety Labs flagship product is the Infrared Retroreflector Identification System (IRIS), which consists of two components: the IRIS sensor and the detectable apparel.

The sensor attaches to a rifle scope or a shotgun barrel and sends pulses of eye-safe, non-visible infrared laser in the direction of fire. When the sensor detects laser reflection from reflective patches in the apparel, the unit warns the shooter they've targeted another hunter.

IRIS works day or night, rain or shine, in cover or out of cover, and employs a single AA lithium battery which affords 100 hours of use.

Because IRIS helps reinforce two key rules of firearm safety - keep your gun pointed in a safe direction, be sure of your target - it's ideal for all hunters and styles of hunting. These include hunting groups of two or more. Still hunters. Tree-stand hunters. Driven hunts. Turkey hunters. Big game hunters. Outfitters. Youth hunters.

Hunting accidents often happen at close range (average distance 40 yards) with about half of victims wearing blaze orange. Afterward, the shooter frequently can't explain their mistake.

IRIS doesn't replace the rules of safe hunting or personal responsibility, IRIS ensures that you have the other guy's back. And he has yours. It provides peace-of-mind for landowners, parents and the people you hunt with.

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