Charge it fast with a Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger


Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger

Gary Lewis sage rats - 12-9 - optimized.jpg 

Concentrations of Belding's ground squirrels (we call them sage rats) can be found from eastern Washington down into central California and east into Idaho.

These critters make their living off of a landowner's largesse and they do a lot of damage. Burrows and tunnels cause enormous damage to harvesting machines, and an enormous amount of crop goes down their gullets - an average of 14 pounds per critter per spring. For these reasons, and because they can carry the plague, we do our part to keep populations of sage rats in check. Poisons can be used to keep rats in check, but if a farmer wants to maintain a certified organic status, the best option is a hunter with a rifle.

It takes a tremendous amount of ammunition.

On any day out in the field, I'll bring a 17-caliber rimfire, a 22-caliber rimfire and an AR-15 stoked with Nosler Ballistic Tips or E-Tips. This year, I'll have a Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger on the shooting bench.

Caldwell Mag Charger image - optimization.jpgThe Mag Charger accepts 50 rounds from a plastic storage box. Just turn the bullets over to align the bullet tips into the Mag Charger. Now, with the charger filled with ammo, insert an AR magazine into the unit. Actuate the plunger and load five rounds per stroke.

The first time I tried it, I charged a 20-round and a 30-round magazine in 15 seconds. Watch the guy in the demo video and you can see he is better at it than me. Click on

A lot of people hunt and shoot with modern sporting rifles now and a person can wear out a thumbprint trying to load magazines for a day of shooting. The Caldwell AR15 Mag Charger fixes that at a retail price of $64.99. 

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