Guide's Choice Cold Water Wading Bibs


Filming episodes of our show, Frontier Unlimited, we found ourselves in Idaho twice last winter. Once to work with Nez Perce in the tribal hatchery and once to fish the Clearwater for steelhead. On both trips, I packed my Guide's Choice Cold Water Wading Bibs.gary lewis wading med.jpg

These bibs are 100 percent waterproof and they come with large cargo style pockets and zippered security pockets. I really like the reinforced ballistic cloth at the heels, at the knees and on the seat. I can get down and work on the ground without fear of ripping or tearing the fabric. Zippered cuffs make for easy boot entry and take-off at the end of the day. The suggested retail price on these bibs is $300, but the company has them on sale right now.

Sale price: $90

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