Energizer Night Strike


When it comes to lighting up the night, LED and battery technology have evolved to provide a staggering array of options. From Energizer comes the Night Strike swivel, a 100-lumen high intensity handheld. It showed up in time to pack along on a moose hunt to British Columbia.

The primary light is activated by a rear switch that starts at high (100 lumens), and switches to medium and low. After three seconds in any mode the light can be instantly turned off.

The head swivels through 130 degrees to lock at 90 and 180. Set the unit on a table to light up a tent or prop it in a tree to illuminate a field dressing situation. Wait, it does more.

Switch to red, blue, green or ultraviolet, each on a dedicated, three-power switch to use alone or in combination. Red is useful in a low-light predator calling situation or finding your way to the stand in the dark. Blue light illumines a blood trail after dark. We didn't need the blue thanks to a properly administered 220 grains of 30-06, but we found the green light useful for map reading. In camp, green light proved far superior to white for catching horses. UV? They say it works well to fluoresce fishing lures.

The swivel light is waterproof, rubber-armored and has a wire belt clip. To conserve power, a battery can be removed or reversed. For this hunt, I employed AA lithium batteries. Even when the temperature dropped to 0 and stayed cold for three days, the torch never faltered. Is it a light for every situation? With multiple controls and adjustability, it takes a little getting used to. For this reason, it is not the right choice for security or home defense. But the feature-packed, high-end torch is a good fit in any hunter's kit.

The Energizer Night Strike Swivel Light retails for $79.99.


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