Gerber Omnivore


Have you ever been in camp and run out of batteries for your flashlight? You've got extra AAAs, but your light prefers a diet of AAs or vice versa? We've all been there. Now, from Gerber, comes a compact light powered by your choice of AA, AAA or CR123 batteries. Pick your power source and drop it in for a powerful LED beam of bright, white light. Though the Omnivore eats different types of batteries, it is an economical eater. Expect five hours of life out of a battery.

With a 150-foot beam (AA and AAA) to a 190-foot beam (with a CR123 battery) and a light output of between 10 and 18 lumens, the Omnivore has plenty of punch. Weighing in at a diminutive 4 ounces, the Omnivore is a good choice for a primary light source in a survival pack.

The LED lamp is housed in a fist-sized aluminum cylinder and comes with a lanyard hole to tether it close to hand. The switch is in the tailcap and activates with light thumb pressure.

The Gerber Omnivore has a suggested retail of $57.

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