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bear.jpgBase layers. You need them starting in September, all the way into May, here in the Pacific Northwest. 

You need them in the North Country from Montana to Minnesota to Maine. You need them in Canada, Alaska and the Yukon.

When the skies bring rain and snow, the best base layer going is from Grays Harbor Unders. I trusted GH Unders right from the start because the founder of this company is from Hoquiam, Washington, a place that gets 70 inches of rain a year.

The unique dual layer fabric transfers moisture to the outside layer, which is where you want it on a rainy, cold day chasing elk or steelhead.

gary lewis unders 1 big.jpg

I wore my GH Unders on a bear hunt on the Olympic Peninsula and again on a spring motorcycle trip when the skies opened up. I'll Ghunder-up again as soon as the temperature drops this fall.

Check out GH Unders for purpose-built base layers of all sorts for men, women, boys and girls. They can outfit you from your toes all the way to the top of your head. And if you need Ghunders for your rifle or pistol - think about it - they have those too. 

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