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Outfitting a youth rifle with GunWraps

Rifle Without Gun Skins

Turkey hunting. Coyote hunting. Waterfowl hunting.

The flash of a gun barrel or a reflection off another highly polished surface can spook game or make incoming ducks and geese flare and change direction.

Some situations call for a high degree of stealth and one difference a person can make is to apply camouflage to a stock, a barrel or a rifle scope.

I had another reason to camouflage a rifle and MightySkins offered a solution.

We have two young children we are training up in hunting and one of the primary tools is a bolt-action 22 rifle that belonged to their mother. As serviceable a gun as this has been, it has lacked in eye appeal.

What we are going to tell the little ones is we camouflaged this rifle to make them more stealthy as they stalk squirrels, rockchucks, coyotes and other varmints.

Rifle With Viper Snow Gun Skins Wrap

MightySkins gun wraps are made of high performance vinyl, waterproof, with a non-reflective finish. The kit provided should be sufficient to wrap a rifle or shotgun stock, the barrel (up to 29 inches) and an optic.

We opted for the Viper Snow camo pattern.

No directions came with the kit, so I cleaned the stock, trimmed the vinyl to fit the youth-size rifle and went to work. It took less than half an hour to trim and apply the vinyl to the rifle.

The result is a camouflaged gun that the kids will love. The kit should protect the rifle through several years of use. In fact, the kit has a 5-year warranty.


Applying Gun Skins Wrap to Rifle

Note: The GunWraps kit came to me without any instructions, and at the time I ordered the kit, there were no instructions on the web site. That may be rectified now. Have scissors and an X-acto knife close to hand. Beyond that, what you need is to apply heat to the vinyl. A quick blast of heat from a torch will allow you to mold the vinyl around tricky contours like feeding ramps, sling swivel studs and at the fore-end.  

See you on the trail.





MSRP: $54.99  

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