Mojo Board Shorts


board shorts.jpgBoard shorts are unmistakably male, that's not to say a girl couldn't wear them, but it's like when a girl wears a man's shirt.

Anyway, I needed board shorts because I was headed to Florida. My regular camouflage and canvas and tin cloth Northwest look wasn't going to cut it in the Sunshine state, where even when you're walking around on the sidewalk, you might as well be swimming, in June's 90 percent humidity.

That's why we go for board shorts, which is essentially a male bathing suit cut almost to the knees. The difference? There is no inside netting, so you'd better wear the boxers or the briefs or the jockeys too. The style was invented for surfers and skateboard dudes who spend a lot of time around the water, but don't get wet. Board is for surf, board is for skate and board is for boardwalk. Get it? Got it? Good.

Fishermen also spend a lot of time around water without getting in it. That makes board shorts a good choice for flats, dock or surf fishing.

I opted for Mojo's black plaid Tec board shorts made from 93% Polyester and 7% Spandex, the fabric stretches four ways. The waistband secures three ways without a belt. You get the Tec Flex waistband, dual snap front closure and an interior drawstring.frog.jpg

These fit so nice, you hardly know you've got shorts on, except you have pockets - one for each hand - and on the right side, two zip closure cargo pockets.

These are great lightweight shorts. Fish in them. Surf in them. Or just fall in the water. It's all good.

Retail: $59‚Äč

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