Oregami MRT suitcase


suitcase 2.jpgYou don't know how a suitcase is going to work for you till you take it on a bear hunt. David Kao called me last spring and said he had a new case for me to try. He put one in my hands in August, in time for a September trip to Minnesota.

I watched the video. It promised that the Oregami MRT would be easier to pack and easier to use once I reached my destination. It was easy to pack and it held everything I needed on the trip. I could keep my hunting clothes in one section and my regular clothes in another section. I kept my daypack and camera in the middle. The camera survived the airline handling because it was sandwiched between two layers of clothes. I didn't even worry about it like I usually do when I pack in a duffel.suitcase 1.jpg

I found the suitcase to perform as advertised. The tri-fold compartment system is light and functional and I can see, through the mesh, the contents of each section.

I wondered, was it rugged enough to stand up to two plane flights each direction? Would the zippers jam? Would the wheels break off? Would the fabric tear away at the handles? Nope. Nope. Nope.

This is a well-thought-out system, rugged enough to take some abuse and keep going. If you have a bit of organizational skills already, this suitcase system will make you even more efficient on the road. And it looks good in the airport, especially when you're pulling a gun case or a bow case alongside.

suitcase 3.jpgMy Oregami MRT came in forest green. It looks good, but it lacked a certain sportsman quality. Now that the case has been to bear camp, I figured it was experienced enough to take a bit of customization. The next step is to wrap the handles with Camo Form and then add a camouflage Tenacious Tape Tattoo. I'm going to put a bear on it to remind me of our trip to bear camp in Minnesota. 


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