Traditions Pursuit Northwest Edition


Many states in the northwest have restrictive muzzleloader regulations. My home state of Oregon is a prime example. As muzzleloader technology passes Oregon by, hunters have become limited in choices. Most new muzzleloaders are manufactured for a 209 centerfire primer ignition, but many western states limit muzzleloader-season hunters to the use of an exposed breech and a No. 11 or musket cap. A lot of hunters prefer break-open action rifles because they are easier to clean, but most break-actions are illegal in muzzleloader hunts. Till now.

Traditions' Pursuit Northwest Edition comes standard with a No. 11 ignition system on a lightweight LT-1 alloy break-action frame, with a 26-inch barrel and a two-piece interchangeable removable breech.

A dual safety system and a new firing pin and recessed groove maximizes safety by preventing accidental discharge. The open sights are adjustable by using a thin-bladed screwdriver, but compliant with primitive regulations. The firing system is open to the elements. An ambidextrous hammer spur makes reaching the hammer easier, especially if hunting with a scope installed on the rifle (the barrel is tapped for scope mounts).

On a sandbag rest, with 100 grains of Triple Seven powder and a 300-grain CVA Buckslayer Bullet, I shot a 1-1/2-inch, three-shot group at 50 yards. At 75 yards, the group opened up to 2-1/2 inches. Cleanup was easy, the nipple and the breechplug were removed with the tools included in the box. CVA's foaming Barrel Blaster broke up the powder residue. Hot water washed away the grime on the breechplug and nipple.

There is some creep in the trigger, but the pull is not too heavy. Most muzzleloaders are barrel-heavy, but the composite stock on the Northwest Edition keeps the weight down. This rifle is well-balanced, easy to carry and comes quickly to cheek and shoulder.

The suggested retail price is $308.00.


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