Beadhead Lime Green Sparkle Caddis

By Gary Lewis

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Courtesy Rainy's Flies
In October, when steelhead are in the river, the Beadhead Lime Green Sparkle Caddis is a fly that can do double duty for both resident and sea-going rainbows. With its shine and chartreuse, it is a good stealth pattern for low water summer runs.

Fish the Sparkle Caddis in tandem with another heavy nymph beneath a strike indicator. Set the indicator at two times the depth of the run. Cast upstream and mend the line for a long, drag-free drift. Set the hook if the indicator hesitates, goes cross-current or zips upstream.

Tie this pattern with tan thread on a No. 14-18 scud hook. Slide a black bead up to the eye of the hook. Build the body with chartreuse Ice Dubbing. Finish with a thorax of natural hare’s mask dubbing.

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