Black Elk Hair Caddis

By Gary Lewis

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Courtesy Camp Sherman Fly Shop
The Elk Hair Caddis probably accounts for more trout than any other adult caddisfly imitation. It is a great choice in moving water where the elk hair wing throws a good profile against the sky.

You may encounter a caddis hatch on the river from March through October, but the Black Elk Hair Caddis may be employed during the small stonefly hatches that occur in February and March. Fish it with a long leader on a dry dead drift. Later in the summer, if you see female caddis laying eggs, try skittering the fly on the surface to draw trout to the top.

Tie the Black Elk Hair Caddis with black thread on a No. 10-18 dry fly hook. Wrap the body with dyed black dubbed rabbit or hare’s fur. Wrap a black hackle feather from back to front. Rib with fine gold wire. Tie in a natural elk hair wing, trim and finish head.

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