By Gary Lewis

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Tied by Pete Ouellette
When trout are feeding opportunistic high in the water column, they are vulnerable to a searching pattern like a Bloodworm. This bug is imitative of the larval stage of the chironomid midge as it moves up from the mud at the bottom of the lake. The tail is meant to be an extension of the body, undulating as it wriggles through the water.

Midges don't move fast. Use a S-L-O-W one-inch retrieve or keep it still on a tight floating line. Use a small strike indicator or watch for the end of the line to stab toward the middle of the lake.

Tie the Bloodworm with red thread on a No. 12-14 long hook. For the tail, use red marabou. Build the body with red floss silk and rib with fluorescent red floss. Finish with a head of bronze peacock herl.

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