Double Bead Stone Peackock

By Gary Lewis

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Courtesy Camp Sherman Fly Shop
Looking for a point fly to get your primary pattern to the bottom? Here’s a buggy look, brass bead shine and lots of movement. The Double Bead Stone Peacock is a great pick for June, when stoneflies are on the move, but it can pay off throughout the year. A durable fly, it makes a great searching weapon to probe the cutbanks and ledges along smaller streams like the Upper Deschutes, the Metolius and Fall River.

Tie a 16-inch tippet section to the bend of the hook to trail a smaller fly like a mayfly nymph or a caddis larva. Dead drift the combination along the edges of riffles and over gravel bottoms where trout prospect for nymphs throughout the day.

Tie the Double Bead Stone Peacock with black thread on a No. 8-12 long nymph hook. Start by sliding two gold beads up against the eye of the hook. Use a larger bead at the front with a slightly smaller bead behind. For the tail, use peacock sword. Wrap the body with peacock herl reinforced with silver or gold wire. At the thorax, tie two white goose biots along the body. Create the wingcase with turkey feather. Tie in olive/black segmented rubber legs. Build the thorax with peacock herl between the beads and tie down the wingcase. At the head, use two white turkey biots for antennae. Lay clear epoxy over the wing case.

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