Dragonfly Nymph

By Gary Lewis

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Tied by Pete Ouellette
When stillwater trout are keying on dry dragonflies, the action can be fast and frustrating. Instead of fishing dry, tie on a Dragonfly Nymph and work it with a long leader on a floating line.

Fish this pattern slow with about a dozen short strips then make a long strip to simulate a "kill" which suggests the feeding action of the dragonfly nymph. Sometimes a trout will slam the bug to stun it then circle around to eat it.

Tie this Dragonfly Nymph pattern on a long shank No. 8 hook. For the tail, use three short goose biots. Build the body with mixed dark brown and olive wool. Rib with fluorescent green silk. Wrap a collar of brown partridge hackle and finish with a peacock herl head.

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