Gold Bead Shaggy Hare's Ear

By Gary Lewis

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Tied by Pete Ouellette
Ever since the day I first picked up a fly rod, the Hare's Ear, in all its variants, has been a favorite. It is still in my go-to trout box in the spring, when Callibaetis are hatching. In May and June, a gold bead soft-hackle Hare's Ear, dead-drifted, is deadly in the pocket water.

The unkempt look of the Gold Bead Shaggy Hare's Ear makes this favorite even more appealing with its ability to suggest a variety of trout foods. Just vary the retrieve and figure out how the fish want to eat it.

Tie this one with brown thread on a No. 10-12 Tiemco 3761. Slide a gold bead up to the eye and tie a tail of Hungarian partridge fibers. For the body, use hare's mask fur and leave the guard hairs in. Rib with gold oval wire. Wrap a sparse partridge hackle and finish with a collar of dubbing behind the bead.

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