Hare's Ear

By Gary Lewis

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Clouds covered the sun as it set on the western mountains. The water was painted orange with the sunset's reflection. Trout bulged in the middle of the lake, feeding on something just under the surface. I couldn't tell what it was they were taking, so in desperation, I tied on a #12 Hare's Ear nymph.

I hooked a fish on the next cast and landed it after it took me into my backing twice. 18 inches it measured on the tape and I fished until it was too dark to see, catching trout after trout.

The Hare's Ear has been one of my favorite flies as long as I have been fly fishing. It is often effective when no other fly will work.

Tie it on a #6-#18 nymph hook. Tie in hackle fibers for a tail and fine gold wire or tinsel for ribbing. The body is tied with dubbed fur from a hare's mask. Wax the thread and spin the dubbing on, wrapping forward more than halfway along the shank of the hook. Rib the body with tinsel and tie in turkey quill for the wingcase. Leave turkey feather extended toward back of hook while building the thorax. Pull the wingcase over the thorax and finish at the head.

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