Ke He

By Gary Lewis

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Tied by Pete Ouellette
One of my favorite simple prospecting patterns is the brown hackle. Add a red wool tail and it is called the Red Tag. Add golden pheasant tippets and call it a Ke He. This pattern is popular in the north of Scotland. Originated by two men named Kemp and Heddle, they used the first two letters of their names to put a handle on the fly.

A great fly for searching in still water, this pattern fishes best on a floating line and a fluorocarbon tippet. Think of it as a snail. Cast it toward the bank and let it sit. It can fish dry or wet, but it will fish best if it sinks. Watch for the line to tighten up then set the hook.

Tie this pattern on a No. 6-10 wet fly hook. Tie the tail with a tuft of red wool and golden pheasant tippets. Wrap the body with bronze peacock herl. Finish with a soft natural red hen hackle.

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