Para Wulff Purple

By Gary Lewis

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Courtesy Fly & Field Outfitters
We have seen it called the Purple Haze, the Purple Parachute Adams and this one is called the Para Wulff Purple. Whatever you call it, wherever you fish it, chances are, it will become one of your favorite dry flies, a pattern to turn to when the fish are eating mayflies on the surface. 

The parachute configuration lends to its castability. It drops to the water softly and the twin wingposts help to track it in riffled water. Fish this one in a size 12 to imitate a March Brown or tie on a size 18 when blue-winged olives are on the surface. 

Start with a No. 12-18 dry fly hook. Tie the tail with deer hair. Build the body with purple dubbing and rib with Flashabou. Tie a double wingpost of white calftail. Finish with a brown and a grizzly hackle wrapped parachute style.

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