Parachute Adams

By Gary Lewis

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The wind had died and just as the sunset paled in the evening sky, trout began to rise. Rings dotted the lake and the slurps of trout feeding at the surface could be heard. I saw what it was they were taking, then knotted a #18 Adams to my 2-lb. tippet.

Kneeling at the water's edge, I saw a trout rise less than five feet from the bank. I dropped my fly in the ring of the rise and he took it. Minutes later, I released a 15 inch rainbow. By then it was too dark to fish. As I put my rod away I could still hear the slurp of hungry trout.

The Adams is one of those flies that duplicate more than one insect species. The Parachute Adams is a variation on the old standby. It always seems to light on the water the way you want it to and the white calf tail wing makes it easy to spot on riffled water.

Tie in a moose hair or hackle fiber tail and twist on light gray squirrel fur for the body. Tie in a single clump of white calf tail and wind brown and grizzly hackle around the parachute.

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