Prince Nymph

By Gary Lewis

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It was 30 degrees and the temperature was dropping as afternoon slipped into evening. I let the Prince Nymph tumble with the current, trying to keep sight of it as it drifted. A trout moved to take it then turned away. Crouched behind a stump, hiding from the fish in the clear, cold water, I waited for a minute, then cast again.

The rainbow took it on the next drift and I lifted the rod tip, the trout taking to the air as it felt the steel.

Dead-drift this nymph in streams, using short strips to bring it back to you at the end of the run. Add a brass bead head for quick depth and flash for interest when fishing pocket water. In lakes, retrieve with short, slow pulls or let it sit just below the surface film on a long leader.

Use two brown goose quill fibers for the tail and wrap a body of peacock. Rib the body with gold wire or tinsel. Tie in soft brown hackle fibers at the throat and lay two white goose quills along the back for wings.

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