RBS Chironomid

By Gary Lewis

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Courtesy Fin & Fire
The midge, or chironomid, is easily the most important trout food on most lakes. Midges can hatch any time of the year, but most are eaten below the surface and that is why you want Morrison’s RBS Chironomid in your box.

This version employs white cul de canard (which is French for duck’s bottom, most people call it CDC) for the gills. Fish it deep, below a strike indicator.

Tie this chironomid pattern on a No. 12 scud hook. Start with a spray of white CDC at the head. Slide a black glass bead over the CDC, up against the eye of the hook. Wrap the body with silver tinsel and rib with red and black wire. For the thorax, use peacock herl. Finish with a red mylar wingcase.

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