Schearer's Golden Stone

By Gary Lewis

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Courtesy Camp Sherman Fly Shop
We begin to look for golden stones starting in late May on the Deschutes and the Metolius. Large June hatches can spark a two-week feeding frenzy, but golden stones may appear throughout the summer and into early October. Faithful to the silhouette of the natural, Schearer’s Golden Stone is easy to tie and a good choice when the big bugs are clinging to the tall grass along the river. 

Watch for rising trout, then cast upstream and let the current carry it down on a dead drift. 

Tie this pattern with yellow thread on a No. 8 long dry fly hook. For the tail, use two yellow goose biots. Wrap the body with burnt yellow yarn or dubbing. Rib with copper wire and dark brown dry fly hackle. For the wing, use elk hair. Build the thorax with the body material and finish with a brown dry fly hackle.

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