T-Tag Woolly Bugger

By Gary Lewis

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Tied by Gary Lewis
You know that annoying piece of plastic that hangs the tag on a new shirt? It’s not just another piece of garbage, it is fly-tying material. 

Plastic T-tags lend themselves to employment on terrestrials, egg patterns and egg-sucking leeches. This T-Tag Woolly Bugger uses olive Flashabou and marabou to give the illusion of a nasty little chub stealing a trout egg from a spawning redd. 

Tie this pattern with black thread on a No. 6 streamer hook. Slide a red bead on a trimmed T-tag and tie down to the hook shank. Wrap the forward end of the hook with lead. For the tail, tie in black marabou with olive Flashabou accents. Tie in a grizzly hackle tip first. Build the body with black chenille and rib with Flashabou. Wind the grizzly hackle forward and finish.

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