Traditional Muzzleloader Accessories On a Budget

By Gary Lewis

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Traditional Muzzleloader Accessories On a Budget

Muzzleloader accessories Gary Lewis 1.JPGAfter the selection of a rifle, the first thing a blackpowder hunter needs is a bag. The solution today is the solution the early hunter used - a possibles bag worn strapped over head and shoulder so it rides on the hip, close to hand. 

For the purposes of this discussion, we will look at supplies available at, based in La Grande, Oregon. 

We will assume the hunter is using a 50-caliber traditional-styled rifle. To put together a basic kit, the hunter should consider what kind of bullet to use. Consider the TC Maxi-Hunter bullets available in 275- to 350-grains for $24 for a 20-pack. The next decision is the type of propellant. Go with black powder or a substitute like Hodgdon's Triple Seven FFG at $27.99 for a one-pound can. 

For ignition, select the RWS No. 11 percussion cap at $10 for 100. A ball starter should be added to the kit, cost $4. For cleaning and loading, various implements can be added to the ramrod that comes with the gun. Essential items include a bullet puller at $1.25, a loading tip at $1.99, a patch puller at $2.75 and a brass bore brush at $3.

Powder should be carried in a flask or horn. A traditional powder horn costs $18, check it out here.‚Äč A brass flask goes for $20 and up. To measure powder charges, I recommend the Thompson Center U-View at $16.

A nipple wrench will come in handy when cleaning the rifle and servicing it in the field - cost $6. Cleaning patches should be carried in the possibles bag. A 100-pack costs $3.50.

To complete the list of essentials, a hunter should carry speed loaders. A three-pack costs $5. 

The total expenditure? Budget $123.48 for the items you need in your possibles bag. 

A traditional basics kit is available for $85, check it out here.

For modern muzzleloaders, a basic kit is available for $85 here from

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