Set Your Sights on September’s Early Goose Season

By Gary Lewis

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It's that time of year again. You can smell a difference in the early morning air. It means school and football are starting soon and coho are moving up the Columbia. It also means September’s early goose season is upon us. 

The September Canada Goose Hunt is designed to reduce the number of resident western Canada geese in some areas prior to the fall migration. The first season is held in southern and eastern Oregon counties. Bag and possession limits are liberal. The second season is held in western Oregon. Check the Oregon Game Bird Regulations for exact details. Regulations will be available in August. 

September is a fine time to go goose hunting. Much of the hunting is done on dry land from ground blinds. There are plenty of birds and, at this time of the year, they come easily to the decoys. 

So where would a hunter go to find geese in the early season? Successful hunters spend time before the season starts, scouting feeding areas. Much of the time these feeding areas are on private land. Look for agricultural areas interwoven by waterways. Harvested fields provide food and visibility of approaching predators. Note when and where you see birds in feeding areas. 

In the Columbia Basin there are regulated hunt areas where the public is allowed access to hunt on private lands. Again, consult the Game Bird Regulations for information. 

Secure permission before the season starts. And on the opener, arrive well before first light to set up decoys. 

To hunt geese you will need a hunting license with H.I.P. and the Oregon waterfowl validations. Hunters of age 16 and older are required to have a Federal waterfowl stamp in their possession as well. Steel or non-toxic shot are required when hunting waterfowl.

For guided waterfowl hunting in Klamath County, contact Roe Outfitters. You can reach them at (541) 884-DUCK. 

With good populations of geese and a few hours of scouting before the hunt, September's early Canada goose hunt will provide plenty of opportunity for waterfowl hunters.

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