Oregon Hunting with Gary Lewis

  • Antelope

    Tips and stories and places and ideas for hunting Antelope in Oregon.

  • Bear

    Gary's past articles on bear hunts that he and his friends have gone on.

  • Big Cats

    Gary's Mountain Lion hunting stories.

  • Birds

    A collection of Gary's many bird hunting stories and articles.

  • Coyotes

    Coyote hunting articles and stories from Gary's experience with Oregon coyotes.

  • Deer

    Gary's extensive experience with Oregon deer hunting is obvious in his many deer hunting articles!

  • Ducks & Geese

    The best source for information on duck hunting in Oregon.

  • Elk

    Gary's Elk hunting articles are all here! Get some elk hunting tips and just read some great elk hunting stories.

  • Sheep & Goats

    If you're going sheep or goat hunting in Oregon, be sure to check out Gary's articles first.

  • Turkeys

    Read up on Gary's turkey hunting in Oregon!

  • Varmints

    Varmint hunting that Gary Lewis has taken part in.

  • Rules & Safety

    All you need to know about survival packs for hunting - as well as hunters safety courses and muzzleloader rules!

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