The Frontier Unlimited Team:

With Frontier Unlimited, We are proud to have a team that is excited about hunting in Oregon and beyond. All of the people and businesses that go into making our TV show a success are passionate about the outdoors, and passionate about spreading the love of it to everyone they meet.

Gary Lewis - Host

I've never forgotten the wonder of the chase, of nature in the raw. It fuels the pursuit of the story, whether we are in the wilderness of Alaska, in the African bush, on the slopes in New Zealand or hunting and fishing my home state of Oregon. Television gives us another way to tell the stories of people, ghost towns, backcountry and life in the wild in the context of the chase.

Samuel Pyke - Producer


As producer for ​Frontier Unlimited, my goal is to tell stories that will move people, and make them feel by watching imagery, and presentation. There is no limitation to the multitude of stories that can come out of a greater story, from the history of an area where a hunt is taking place, to the inspiration of students learning medicine in a foreign country. I recognize these stories, and I put them on a canvas.

Dave Jones - Account Executive


Dave Jones is an enthusiastic media professional with extensive experience in television news and programming, radio and print. He still uses the backpacking fly rod he got for a high school graduation. Lastly, Dave is also a closet country rocker.

Brian Davis - Account Executive


You can take the cowboy out of the rodeo, but you can't take the rodeo out of the cowboy. For 20 years, I rode bulls on the pro rodeo circuit. When I left the arena, I stepped into publishing and real estate. As a part of the Adventure Journal team, my goal is to connect you with a strategy that will lift your business at home and around the region.

Jennifer Lewis - Social Media and Email Marketing


With the stream of content and information that's constantly coming Gary Lewis and his team, it was necessary that someone step in and handle the distribution of it all. My job with Gary Lewis Outdoors is to keep an eye on social media channels, as well as keep the email marketing and website content strategy up to date!

Mark Knowles - Photographer


When it comes to trips, events and conferences, a still photographer is always needed, and that's where Mark Knowles comes in. As photographer for the Gary Lewis Adventure Journal team, he comes along on trips, speaking engagements and media events, capturing every moment in still film. 

Smart Solutions - Web Development


Smart Solutions is a full-service website design and development company, guiding customers to online success by driving traffic to your website. Our unique approach begins with the end in mind, defining initial goals from: search engine optimization (SEO), website design and development, content strategy and ongoing maintenance. We provide these services to the Adventure Journal TV show.

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