Gary Lewis' Hunting and Fishing Articles and Stories

For Gary Lewis, hunting and fishing adventures are all about the story. Whether he is hunting red stag in New Zealand or fishing for salmon in Alaska, the experience is what matters. It's about telling the hunting and fishing stories, to inspire the old timer to share the experience with the younger generation. It’s something that Gary has been doing for years, and he has a large collection of exciting stories to share with you.

Gary is published in dozens of hunting and fishing publications in the United States and around the world, as well as in his weekly newspaper columns. These hunting and fishing articles cover a wide range of topics from small game and fish to big game and predators.

While he has searched the globe for these exciting adventures, Gary especially likes to spend his time in and write about the state that he calls home – Oregon. That's why we've divided his articles up into 4 easy-to-navigate sections:

Due to the large number of hunting and fishing stories Gary has written, it can be a challenge to sort through and find the one that applies to your interests. You can find the hunting and fishing stories you are looking for. Take advantage of Gary Lewis’ hunting and fishing articles.

If you're ready to begin your own fishing or hunting stories, it’s time to start reading!

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