Get Your County or City Featured on the Pursuit Channel

Interested in having an episode of Frontier Unlimited, featuring your county (or city), in 43 million homes on the Pursuit Channel?

Just like these counties did...

South Dakota - The Gambler

Capturing the essence of Deadwood, South Dakota, and the Black Hills with fly rod and spinning rod in the city and on the water.

South Dakota Wings

Contrasting the farm and the city by means of the combine and the Zamboni, the double-barreled shotgun, skates and sticks. Go Wings!


Promote the outdoors your area offers

South-Dakota-2016_Gary-Lewis-031.jpgIf your county or agency puts a high value on exposure to the outdoor community, we would love to talk to you about partnering with Frontier Unlimited. Our award-winning show is about the story, the experience, about connecting people to their heritage.

Gary Lewis, the host of Frontier Unlimited is an author, a respected voice for conservation, for history, for wildlife and wild places. Producer Samuel Pyke is a storyteller with an uncommon vision. His video work is impactful, stirring.

We find the story and we tell it through the visual medium, on the Web and in print. When you partner with Frontier Unlimited, we bring our team to your corner of the world and we share it - in the West and across the country.


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