Envelop’s Corrosion-Proof Gun Cases


We all know about layering. 21st century textiles can operate as an individual heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Now there is high-tech layering to protect expensive firearms.

I used an Envelop case for my over-and-under on bird hunts last winter. Even on extended wet weather trips in Oregon and Washington, with the gun riding in the truck, the fabric kept the elements from forming moisture on the metal.

The five-layer fabric repels moisture from the outside and expels it from the inside. The outer shell is permeable only to water vapor, which allows moisture to evaporate. The next layer is shock protection that helps the soft case keep its shape. The third layer inhibits corrosion. The fourth layer is composed of super-absorbent gel crystals that store water and release it back to the environment through the outer shell. It also acts to depress humidity. The innermost layer contacts the gun's surface and wicks water away from the metal.

Developed for the US Military to protect guns and topside equipment in tropical marine conditions, Envelop protective covers work as good on an over-and-under shotgun as they do on a deck-mounted howitzer.

Sleeves start at $39. Pistol cases start at $45. Rifle and shotgun cases start at $159.


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