CZ Ringneck 20 gauge


When I gave my favorite over/under to my oldest daughter, I went looking for a new shotgun and I couldn't find one I liked better (in my price range) than the CZ Ringneck. After hunting with all different styles of shotguns, I keep going back to the side-by-side. This is my third one, but my first CZ shotgun.

Stocked in Turkish walnut, each Ringneck is built on a frame proportionate to the gauge. The stock can be ordered straight, which I think makes a good choice for pass shooting or driven hunts, but most Ringnecks I have seen come with a rounded pistol grip preferred by more American shooters. It is my choice for hunting flushing birds.

The boxlock frame is color case-hardened and hand-engraved and the stock is hand-checkered - 20 lines to the inch. The gun is equipped with a single trigger. The manual safety is on the tang. A thumb-selector in the safety allows the shooter to switch barrels.

My gun has 26-inch barrels and weighs 6.1 pounds. I have found it to be a quick-handling, well-balanced shotgun.

The Ringneck is available in 12-, 20-, 28-gauge or .410. The .410 has fixed chokes and the larger bores come with five screw-in chokes. Suggested retail is $975.

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