Gary Lewis Hunting Trips

Gary Lewis has hunted and fished the South Pacific, Africa, South America, Canada and of course, all over the United States. On all of these hunting trips, Gary has written, photographed and had experiences that will never be forgotten.

The thing about Gary's trips is that he doesn't just go once—he always has a return trip in the works. When he goes back to a place he's visited before, he always makes sure to take a couple extra people along to enjoy the hunting experience or fishing experience with him.

If you've wanted to take a hunting trip with a professional, now is the time to get excited. Gary is currently planning return trips to Africa, New Zealand and Hawaii, and wants to take some of his readers along. Are you ready for a hunting safari in South Africa? Or a Red Stag hunt in New Zealand? How about Axis Deer in Hawaii? Your opportunity to hunt the world is right at your fingertips.

Contact us and tell us about your desire to take a hunting adventure with his next team, and you're on your way to your best hunting or fishing trip ever! Not ready to go hunt the world yet? Read about some of Gary's hunting and fishing adventures around the world.

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