Hunting in Africa

If hunting in Africa has been a dream of yours, then it's a good idea to read up on what you're looking into. For Africa hunting stories, you've come to the right place. Gary has been to Africa several times and is in the process of planning his next trip. With all the time he's spent on African hunting trips, Gary has quite a few stories to tell!

  • Double Rifles "On Safari" in the High Desert

    Prepping for a hunt in Africa on static, moving and charging targets back home

  • Birds in the Bushveld

    South Africa has more big game and antelope species than perhaps anywhere else on earth. That’s what has made it a must-see for hunters from all over the world. But an increasing number of people take a shotgun instead of a rifle when they book a trip to this country, whether they’re headed to the southern cape or into the northern bushveld.

  • Blackpowder and the ‘Beest

    I pulled my hat down and turned my coat collar up against the chill of the winter morning. 32 degrees Fahrenheit. By midday, the temperature would reach 90.

    Hannes Steyn, our professional hunter, reached down from the observation tower of the Land Cruiser and took my rifle, then reached out a hand to pull me up.

    I’d loaded the muzzleloader, a 50-caliber Austin & Halleck. Two pellets of Triple 7 down the barrel, followed by a 50-caliber sabot and a 45-caliber 260-grain Nosler Partition HG bullet. For safety, I’d keep the primer in my pocket.

  • Desert Warrior

    We stood on the crest of a dune as the sun slipped toward the horizon. An evening wind blew spirals of sand off the tops of the ridge and beat a rhythm in the tops of the canvas tents. For the past week, we’d hunted kudu, mountain zebra, red hartebeest, and warthog in the highlands north and east of Windhoek, Namibia. Now, after a six-hour drive south, we were in the Kalahari.

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