Hunting Alaska

The Last Frontier has always been an exciting hunting destination—but it's hard to know how to plan for an Alaska deer hunt. Don't go unprepared, read up on hunting Alaska here on the Gary Lewis website. 

  • Outside Oregon

    Plan a Hunt for Sitka Blacktail

  • Metallica and James Hetfield on The Hunt on Kodiak

    The brown bear's co-existence with two-leggers is one of the most successful conservation stories in scientific wildlife management. James Hetfield, who has hunted bears, tells the story of men and women who sleep with one eye open, clutching the pillow tight, knowing any moment they could become the hunted.

  • A Trembling

    The beast was close and coming fast.

  • Alaska: Kodiak Island’s Deer Hunt

    They call it the Emerald Isle, but there is nothing green about Kodiak Island in October and November. Winter is on the way and the vegetation is yellowed and brown with decay. Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the United States. Mountainous and forested in the north, the island is more open in the south. Often in the fall, the peaks are enveloped in clouds. And the snowline marches down toward the sea. Every hunt starts at the beach.

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