Sturgeon Fishing and Shad Fishing

Sturgeon and shad are both fun to go fishing for. While the sturgeon may be the more exciting to catch of the two, shad fishing is also great, because there's constant excitement—a great activity for children. No matter which fish you're going for, though, you can find the sturgeon fishing techniques and shad fishing tips right here at

Read the articles below, and get the information you need for your next shad or sturgeon fishing trip!

  • Columbia River Shad: Prospecting for silver

    Four million shad are poised to hit the Columbia River in May and June.

  • Big Fish and Serious Water

    A light wind whipped wavelets on the surface of the river and tugged at the canopy, flapping it like a seagull over the water. Chuck dropped anchor and paid out line, letting the current pull the boat into one of his favorite slots. With the rope taut, he dropped the drag bags over the sides and we turned our attentions to the bait.

  • American Kids take on American Shad at Bonneville Dam

    The American shad has a forked tail and a blue-green back with silvery sides and a soft, toothless mouth. The American kid comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Shad feed mainly on microscopic creatures strained through their gill-rakers. In freshwater, they are prone to strike out of aggression or irritation. What better way to irritate them than to bring the kids? When it’s time to take a day off and go fishing, it’s hard to think of a fish more willing to play hooky than a shad. And he’ll bring a couple of million of his closest friends to the party.

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