March 30th, 2022
Don Lewis trout fishing with Oregon fishing license

When you are planning a fishing trip in Oregon. When you are fishing central Oregon. When you are fishing in Mount Hood country. When you are traveling to Portland or Bend or Eugene or Medford and want to go fishing too, the first thing to set in place is an Oregon fishing license. It’s not hard to do. There are several ways to buy a license and two ways to carry a license. First we will take a look at various license, tag and permit fees.


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife lists a lot of different options to fit the angler. A fisherman can buy one-day, two-day, three-day and seven-day licenses or opt for the best value and fish all year long. An adult annual angling license costs $44 for the resident and $110.50 for the nonresident. A combo angling and hunting license costs $73. A Sports Pac, which includes hunting license, tags and fishing license and permits, costs $196.50. If you plan to fish the Columbia River basin, you will want that endorsement, which costs $9.75. To fish for salmon, steelhead and sturgeon, an angler must have an adult combined angling tag, which costs $46. Young people are required to have a license after they turn 12 years old. A youth license costs $10. There is also a reduced price Youth Sports Pac.


For the resident angler or the non-resident traveling fisherman, buying a fishing license is as easy as going to an ODFW license agent. Fly shops, sporting goods stores, gun stores, hardware stores and even some department stores sell licenses. For a list of ODFW license agents, click on

At the license agent location, a person may elect to carry the license paperless, on a smart phone with the MYODFW app, or use paper. Both offer advantages and disadvantages.


If buying a license online, the angler must have a unique email address. Every angler (or hunter) in Oregon (resident or nonresident) is assigned an identification number.

When buying the license, the angler must create an account if no account has been established before. Daily angling licenses may be purchased while logging in as a guest. To access the ODFW licensing system, click here

While buying the license, the angler has the option to carry the license paperless on a smart phone or print out the license and carry the recreational portfolio as a physical copy.


If you can’t afford a license or you plan to be in Oregon during a Free Fishing Weekend, you can still go fishing. For information on Free Fishing Days click on


The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife offers a two-rod endorsement for $28. With two rods, a bait fisherman can anchor off a point of rocks and cast one bait to one side of the point and another offering to the other side.
Sometimes one color of floating bait works better than another. With a two-rod license, one angler can use yellow and chartreuse while side by side, his buddy could use flo-orange and rainbow.

Trolling, a single angler can fish for legals on one line with a Mack’s Lure Trout Spin on one rod and run a fly with a sinking line to target bigger fish. Another angler might fish jar bait on one rod and cast a fly with another.

When ODFW stocks a lake with 10,000 legals, they may also plant 10 or 20 or 50 fish which look like salmon next to a limit of ten-inchers. They are hungry too. These fish weigh between 2 pounds and 15 pounds. Somebody is going to catch them. It might as well be you. A two-rod validation costs $28 Two rods are better than one.

Mikayla Lewis trout fishing with Oregon fishing license  Doug Simmons trout fishing with Oregon fishing license


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